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A Different Kind of Writer


There’s no shortage of educational content for consumers on the topic of real estate and personal finance.


As s a savvy marketer, you understand that your marketing messages have to cut through the noise. They need to build trust, offer valuable insights and turn more prospects into buyers.


Unfortunately, it’s challenging to find a writer who understands real estate and personal finance deeply enough to help your marketing stand out. Most writers are trained to crank out fluff and fodder and they lack the nuanced industry experience to make your message resonate with your audience.


That's where I come in. 

Over the past decade, I’ve helped dozens of clients in the real estate and personal finance arenas create content and copy that generates results. I know how to unpack and communicate industry topics like a pro - all while making it easily accessible to the consumer.

My specialty? Breaking down technical concepts in a way that's easy to understand. That way your audience doesn't feel intimidated as they’re gently guided toward the next step in your sales funnel.


In short, I create informative and engaging content that gets results. I’d love to do the same for you!


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Why Me?

I've been working as a Real Estate and Personal Finance Writer for the past decade. But, why hire me?

Expert-level industry knowledge:

I have a decade's worth of knowledge of how the real estate and personal finance industries work, which means you can trust me to create factual content without a lot of hand-holding.


Content that gets results:

In the last ten years, I've also studied what it takes to write content that coverts. I know how to create marketing materials that will encourage your clients to take action.


Pristine work record:

In all of my time working as a writer, I have never missed a deadline. You can trust me to deliver on time. 

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Not all content is created equal.

Creating custom content that actually works for you is my top priority. When done right, content can be your most effective tool in converting an audience into leads and leads into paying customers. 


To that end, with every piece of content I create, I work to thoroughly research your brand and consumer base before getting started. Then, I focus on creating informative-yet-easily-digestible content that matches your brand's voice and tone.

Taking these steps allows me to deliver you a product that builds trust with your audience and helps guide them toward the next steps towards working with you. With that in mind, below is a selection of the services I offer:

White papers

When done right, white papers convey enough authority to gain instant trust with your prospects. Some types can also serve as a lead magnet.

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Case Studies

Case studies act as social proof. Showing off your  happy clients is one of the best ways to convert prospects into new customers.


When you write in-depth articles the right way, they help you attract an audience, which can become a source of new leads.

Sales Copy

Emotionally compelling sales copy that gives your clients the push they need to buy from you. Even after extensive nurturing, they still need that confirmation that it's okay to take the next step.

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Tara has a good sense of home trends, architecture and design-related topics to provide knowledgeable and professional content. I have worked with Tara on several high-profile blogs and her initiative and drive show through her work. It's a pleasure to work with Tara daily to see what new ideas she will come up with!

I highly recommend Tara to anyone needing solid blog posts. She is knowledgeable about real estate,  consistently hits deadlines and knows how to write blog posts that drive audience engagement.



I brought Tara on in November of 2014 as a staff writer and she wasted no time in hitting and exceeding her mark. Tara has an incredible eye for real estate.







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